Jack The Miner launched on iOS and Android (video)

Indie developer Ravindra Krishna has launched Jack The Miner – his second creation – on iOS and Android for free. With Jack The Miner, get ready to explore an awesome world of mining.

The game comes with a warning – Insanely Addictive!

Humans have established a robotic settlement on a planet far away to dig out metal from the alien world. Jack is a specially designed robot that we have sent to do our bidding by digging out the most precious metal.

You start with simple ore and dig deeper to find more precious ore hidden beneath the surface of the planet. Spend all your ores at the market to collect coins using which you can buy upgrades or buy resources for your Jack. Using resources from teleport to nuclear blast you will be able to increase capabilities of Jack making it easier for him to mine more ore for you. Make your way to the final precious metal, but make sure you refuel and repair Jack from time to time. How well you manage your earnings on upgrades or resources to mine the precious ore depends on you.

So download the game and get your Jack working!

Game highlights
•Auto save each time you sell items.
•50+ missions.
•12 Different ore to mine.
•20+ upgrades for your Jack.
•Hidden lifesaving stuff.
•Map to route your way.
•Awesome HD graphics.
•Restart new game any time.