War Wings, has launched in the European market for Android devices (Video)

World War II Air Combat MMO game, War Wings, has launched in the European market for Android devices. The free-to-play mobile game is available through Google Play in 20 European countries including Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and is ranked Number 1 on
the Free Games list in Belarus. War Wings currently has a 4.5 review rating
on Google Play and will be available in the UK and Russia beginning in
mid-November. The game is slated for a North American market release
in early 2017.
War Wings features real-time 4v4 PvP online aerial dogfighting action with stunning 3D graphics. The game has garnered numerous awards and accolades including Unity’s Golden Cube Award for Best Game and Best Original Mobile Game at the Hong Kong Mobile Developer Conference.

About War Wings
Featuring real-time PvP online aerial dogfighting action, War Wings allows air combat fans to form 4-people teams to compete against millions of players worldwide. Matches are optimized for mobile play and complete in 5 minutes
to allow players to battle in short, convenient intervals. In Quick Match, solo players need to swiftly locate fellow team members and determine enemy flight patterns for attack. Players who group with friends can collaborate and execute coordinated strategies while playing. Fly solo or team up with allies
to control the skies and discover who is the world’s greatest ace pilot!
Pilots can choose their preferred mobile-optimized flight control method from
a selection of motion, virtual stick, or D-pad inputs. Unlike other flight games, War Wings players must learn to master and perform real-life air combat maneuvers such as the Split S, Barrel Roll, and the Immelmann Turn to
be victorious.
Set against an epic World War II backdrop, War Wings lets players choose from over 70 historically accurate, fully customizable warplanes to fly. Every aircraft in the game is authentically modeled with flight data in strict accordance with history, which will particularly appeal to military enthusiasts.

Additional Game Features
Take to the skies in over 70 customizable WWII-era warplanes,
with more planes coming in the future
Planes reflect weapons damage for an authentic combat experience
Current battle modes include Daily Challenges, single-session
Multiplayer, and PvP Seasons
Players earn daily rewards and receive additional perks for
achieving in-game goals