My Free Circus has been launched for Android devices

Renowned developer of browser games and apps upjers has launched yet another fantastic mobile game that the upjers community is sure to love: Come one, come all, to My Free Circus!

Nestled in a forest clearing on the banks of a small river, your little circus has set up its tent. Don a robe and top hat, and slip into the role of an eccentric ringmaster and get started on following your dreams to have the best circus of all time!

The sights and smells alone are sure to attract curious crowds – and soon more and more people will be flooding in to watch your sensational shows and share some apples with the monkeys. The fruits and vegetables used in the culinary delicacies sold on your circus property are home-grown as well, and can be cooked and processed into a wide variety of tasty treats for circus performers and visitors alike.

In My Free Circus, upjers once again proves its gift for making unbelievable cute and clever tycoon games. The colorful world of performers and circus animals won’t just enchant casual gamers, but is also sure to draw in tycoon game fans.