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Jan Ken Battle Arena primed for global launch (Video)

Jan Ken Battle Arena, the exciting new PvP fighting game for Android and iOS, is ready to explode onto the global market, after being given a launch date of 27th October, 2016, by its publishers FredBear Games Ltd and PlayPlayFun LLP.

The dynamic addition to mobile gaming’s most enthralling titles is expected to appeal to a wide generational audience, with Boss Battles that hark back to the golden age of the ‘beat em up’. Players should be prepared to demonstrate their dexterity and reflex when competing in Jan Ken Battle Arena, which takes the internationally recognised rock, paper, scissors game and adds RPG and social elements to create an engaging and captivating experience. 

Players compete to become the grand Dojo master, and it is anticipated that Asian and manga influences will appeal heavily to the market in the Far East, as well as fans in Europe and the US, as reflected by the game’s warm reception at the recent Japan Expo – Paris 2016. With over-the-top actions and spell-binding animations throughout, expect Jan Ken Battle Arena – which will be localised into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Russian – to attract a loyal player community.

The game play ethos of Jan Ken Battle Arena is based around the principle of ‘easy to learn, hard to master’. Among the clever features to be incorporated into the game’s format are a total of eight JanKen masters for players to unlock, and FredBear Games Ltd and PlayPlayFun LLP have confirmed more masters will be introduced in the months ahead. 

There are five Jin Rai (special moves) to perform with each character, and over 150 items to collect, offering an unpredictability and diversity – in the same vein as Kung Fu Panda – that is likely to keep participants coming back for more. Then there is Collaborative Boss mode and Multiple Boss mode, which offers prizes for achievements such as Discover Bonus, Boss Defeat Bonus, Kill Bonus and Best Damage.

A company spokesperson for FredBear Games Ltd and PlayPlayFun LLP (Joint Publishing Venture) said: “Once every few years a mobile gaming title comes along that manages to appeal to a wide audience of both younger gamers, fans of classic beat em ups, as well as casual players, and Jan Ken Battle Arena ticks all three boxes. We believe its appeal will be worldwide, as the rules of rock, paper, scissors are known the world over, and reflex and speed is a universal battle language!”


Looking for a new kind of game? JanKen Battle Arena offers players a novel and unique gaming experience that revolves around the old classic Rock, Paper and Scissors mechanic combined with some fighting game element and sprinkled with Social and RPG elements.

Furthermore, challenge fellow JanKen masters around the world into a battle over the internet. Better yet, invite your friends to JanKen Battle Arena to duel and claim the bragging rights to be the better JanKen master.

So, what is a JanKen master? Janken (じゃん拳 janken) is the Japanese equivalent of Rock Paper Scissors. 

Therefore, JanKen master would mean the master of Rock, Paper and Scissors game, which is the core mechanic of JanKen Battle Arena.

*8 JanKen masters to unlock with more coming in the future!
*5 Jin Rai (special moves) per character
*More than 150 items to collect!
*Collaborative Boss mode
*Multiple Boss Mode reward: Best Damage, Kill Bonus, Discover Bonus and Boss Defeat Bonus
*Gotcha mini-game
*Accessible and profound “Easy to learn, Hard to master”
*Mini-games in case of equality
*Online Player versus player fights ( turn based )
…and more!

If you think you have seen it all, JanKen Battle Arena might be the game that will surprise you with its one of a kind hybrid gameplay. Prepare to fight, JanKen style and become the ultimate JanKen master globally!