Com2uS announces global launch of Dragon Knights

Com2uS has announced the global launch of Dragon Knights on iOS and Android today. The turn-based RPG highlights classic hero characters, such as warrior, magician, bandit and priest, as well as an adventure map of endless monsters.

Users can form a team of heroes for thrilling and strategic battles in order to clear dungeons, fight in the PvP arena, and participate in boss battles with other users from all over the world.

Dragon Knights features over 400 collectible items that can be used to increase the battling capabilities of heroes. These items include upgradeable weapons, armor and accessories that users can combine, create and disassemble. The game also incorporates a variety of gems with specific attributes that can be used to enhance the equipment items.

Dragon Knights is an exciting game that combines elements of skill and strategy for users to advance through the game. Com2uS expects to release an update with additional game features like hero pets in the near future and is committed to fostering user engagement through frequent in-game events and active support for the Facebook community.

Dragon Knights is available now for free download on App Store and Google Play.

Dragon Knights official trailer:

Dragon Knights on Facebook:

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