Com2uS announces global launch of Kung Fu Pets

Com2uS announced the global launch of its pet simulation game, Kung Fu Pets, on App Store and Google Play. The family-friendly social game allows players to collect, raise and train various pets to evolve into Kung Fu Masters.

Kung Fu Pets is a fresh take on pet collecting that features bright visuals and fun animation. Players can collect over 100 pets with different elements and build unique villages for them. Players can expand their collection by combining existing pets to uncover new ones. By leveling-up their pets through training, players can compete in battles with others around the world in the game’s PvP mode.

Main features include:
COLLECTING over 100 Kung Fu Pets!
-Mix and match different element types to summon new pets.

RAISING pets into fighters!
-Create gourmet meals, train at the gym, evolve and unlock new skills.

BATTLING virtual pets to be the best!
-Create a team and challenge other Kung Fu Masters in the arena.

BUILDING mystical villages in the sky!
-Expand the base and create habitats for pets!

CONNECTING with friends!
-Share gifts and battle players around the world!

To celebrate the game’s global launch, Com2uS is holding a release event where players can obtain limited edition in-game prizes. Promotion is available until November 19th

Kung Fu Pets is now available for free on App Store at; and on Google Play at

Players are invited to join the community at

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