Knights of Pen & Paper Passes Perception Check and Reveals Haunted Fall Expansion is Available Today

Paradox Interactive today showed up, in costume, on gamers’ doorsteps with a Halloween-themed update for Knights of Pen & Paper for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android, with iOS to follow soon after. Paradox, while announcing this update with a perfectly straight face, insisted that every day of the year (not just Halloween) is a good time for ghosts, and reminded the world that there’s another pumpkin-related holiday right around the corner. Haunted Fall brings enough content to Knights of Pen & Paper to overload a festive candy bucket, including new monsters, items, areas, skills, and jokes.

To continue to appreciate this year’s Halloween, which of course is still completely relevant and has by no means passed by already, players can enjoy this trailer while overindulging in cheap, discounted candy:

New to the seasonally appropriate expansion, players can now adventure as the new Witch class, a supportive sorceress who can heal party members, weaken foes, and cackle with the best of them. The new adventure also introduces new dungeons, including a terrifying Corn Field Maze, and the Abandoned Dwarven Mall – where the prices are as low as the window display heights. The expansion also includes lots of new items, monsters, NPCs, and meta-gaming humor.

Knights of Pen & Paper is an RPG where players take on the role of players who are playing an RPG. A group of mundane in-game friends and relatives are transformed at the gaming table into a collection of RPG classes and clichés, while a snarky gamemaster narrates the adventure within their imaginations. Control both the players and the GM – design encounters for your party, and then slay the monsters for all the XP and loot your character sheets can hold.

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