Ruzzle Adventure Celebrates Halloween with Ghoulish Update Full of Haunted Puzzles, Spooky Rewards

Boo-yah! How many words can you conjure up before an evil pumpkin crushes you? Today, fans of the mobile word game phenomenon, free-to-play Ruzzle Adventure, can find out with the hauntingly fun addition of Halloween World! Brave souls daring to put their spelling skills to the ultimate test can enter the new world of terror by downloading the free update now available on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play marketplace.

Once completing level two, players can embark upon the eerie land of Halloween World from anywhere in the Ruzzle Adventure universe. Those bold enough to enter will be treated to:
·25 ghostly new levels: each filled with full of Halloween treats and spooky surprises;
·Two ghoulishly fun new modes: Angry Pumpkins, where players must use their spelltastic cunning to trap the pumpkins on the board, and Static Pumpkins, where spelling words around each pumpkin is the only way to send them to their final rest;
·The return of Ztephan, the skeleton king! Only those who accept his bone-tingling challenge – and survive – will discover the secret treasure he possesses.

Additionally, for every five harrowing levels completed, players will be rewarded with coins that can be used for special power ups and additional turns; a welcomed aid to any daring traveler traversing the frighteningly addictive gameplay found in Ruzzle Adventure’s Halloween World.

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