Jihii announced for iOS

Jan Oosting announced today that he will bring his innovative board game Jihii to iOS devices wordwide.

Jan is a renowned inventor and came up with an early version of the Jihii concept back in 2010. Later he decided to build upon his original game design and started to make a fully fledged videogame for iOS.

Jihii is a fun and modern take on the popular jigsaw genre. This addictive game is for all ages and trains the brain by placing special puzzle pieces on a wooden board. The board is filled with holes and by covering them, players can earn rewards. A handy hint system will help puzzle fans to get through the 400+ challenging levels!

Jihii will be freely available later this month. For more information on the game’s features, history and assets, please visit the Jihii presskit() page.

Key Features:
•A unique new twist on the classic jigsaw puzzle.
•Over 400 puzzles that will keep you challenged for hours.
•A hint system that will prevent you from getting stuck.
•Crisp HD graphics that make the game very enjoyable on tablets and larger phones.
•Music and sound effects by Geert Chatrou, world champion in whistling.

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