Super Tiny Monkey, a brand new sidescroller/platformer game for mobile devices

We here at Hobbi Games are excited and proud to announce that Super Tiny Monkey is finally out now on Android and IOS devices.

You play as Goggles, the experimental tarsier who managed to escape from Dr. Zoos laboratory and your goal is to run away from his poachers and minions who are sent to capture you. You must leap, glide, dash, or dive from one platform to the next to get as far away as possible. The crux of the gameplay revolves around avoiding obstacles. You will begin with the most basic of control, which is simply tapping on the screen as you pass platforms by- not unlike a rythm game. As you progress and your character levels up you will open up more control options such as gliding, diving, dashing, and at higher levels you gain access to super powers that will help you conquer the increasing difficulty of the game. There are two game modes: the endless platformer (adventure) mode and the unlockable boss battle mode. Megaman has been such a huge inspiration for me, still one of my all time favorite games to date, and hopefully this shows on the boss battle experience.

The game is FREE to download and play, and is available on both Android and IOS platforms (iPhone, iPad, tablets).

You can also simply search for “Super Tiny Monkey” in the App Store or the Play Store.

Game Features:
Super Tiny Monkey is a platformer and endless runner hybrid, an endless platformer, if you will. Its an endless runner, because your character is in an infinite state of movement across the level. Its a platformer because instead of running, your character will be moving from one platform to the next. You control the titular character and you must use precise timing on your input so the character can land safely on the next platform. Along the way there are golden bugs to collect, which serve as both your money and resource for executing power ups. Also, obstacles such as spikes, creatures, and poachers will try to block your path and bring you down!

Did we mention power ups? Super Tiny Monkey also has a bit of RPG in it. Your character can learn abilities as he gains experience and levels. You can upgrade these abilities and build a strong and powerful character that can blast through the levels and stand toe to toe against the enemy bosses. Another RPG element that can be found in the game is the Quest system. You may complete optional quests to earn golden bugs, experience points, and even rainbow butterflies!

Unlike most runners, Super Tiny Monkey has boss battles! Play enough adventure map so you can stock up on golden bugs and unleash a barrage of power ups against the enemy boss. Perform combos and complete the side missions to earn bonus points!

You play as experiment BZ-1538 a.k.a “Goggles” and you are on the to run from Dr.Zoos poachers. You can play through the story by finishing all Acts. Each act has one adventure map and one boss map. You can also play the adventure maps indefinitely and compete with your friends on the games online leaderboard.

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