Join A Beautiful Maiden On Her Adventure To Rendezvous With Her Loved One In ‘Mahjong Destiny’ On STEAM (Video)

Indie game developer EnsenaSoft is proud to announce the release of Mahjong Destiny to STEAM™, brought to you in partnership with leading games publisher, UIG Entertainment. Mahjong Destiny is the latest title from the EnsenaSoft catalogue of classic games to enter the STEAM™ ecosystem and promises to entertain with its challenging Mahjong puzzles and compelling story.

Mahjong Destiny is a challenging mahjong game telling the story of a young maiden on her quest to meet up with her loved one. Join her as she embarks on her adventure solving classic Chinese mahjong puzzles. Inspired by the works of Irish poet Thomas Moore, the game includes 74 puzzles to complete with up to 300 tiles to match. With each completed puzzle, your loved one comes one-step closer, and because the tiles are laid out randomly, every game is unique each time you play. Mahjong Destiny is a fun casual game with beautiful graphics and relaxing music. Can you solve all the puzzles on the path to true love?

ü Classic Chinese Mahjong fun
ü 74 puzzles to complete with up to 300 tiles
ü Inspiring poetry by Thomas Moore
ü Beautiful graphics and relaxing music