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Juggle Struggle Released For iOS!

Neonchimp is proud to announce its new game Juggle Struggle for iOS.

Juggle Struggle is a fast paced arcade jumper where you have to juggle the ball in the air under extreme conditions, as you try to avoid all incoming obstacles to become the Juggle Champion!

Compete against the world and your friends in 10 unique challenging stages.

The game features 27 different balls, ranging from basic sport balls (football, tennis ball, basketball etc), to more crazy balls like the sun, a disco ball, a slime ball, an atom or even a skull!

All balls have their own physic properties and you have to find the right ball, which fits your style of gameplay in order to beat the stages and get the highest score!

Got a close call or an amazing combo-streak? Share it with the world!

With the replay-feature you can watch a replay of your game and impress your friends with your amazing skills by sharing your favorite moments!

· 27 Different Balls to play with.
· 10 Unique challenges stages.
· Fast paced gameplay.
· Endless Juggler.
· Watch & Share replays of the game.

Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWBr4cX2HA8