Lazy Owl Games launched new mobile game „I‘m hungry, Human!“

Lazy Owl Games, a new german game studio launched their second mobile game called „I‘m hungry, Human!“. After the successful game „Moby‘s Revenge“, which was featured by the US App Store, the studio now released another iOS game with a cute animal as main character.

Spoiled cat Sir Walter is hungry and wants to be taken to the supermarket. True to his motto „My dear human, food won’t serve itself!“, he wraps the player around his paw and lets them do the work. Sir Walter is sitting in a shopping cart, while the player has to slice every tin and every box on the shelves. Except the olives – Sir Walter hates olives. In the end there is a big mess and Sir Walter is covered in food- but happy.

Marie: My inspiration was my own cat who always wants my attention- get doors opened, lay on the keyboard, get- ting petted and of course screaming for food. Even if she has already eaten, she wants a second and third breakfast. So I imagined that her biggest dream would be to go to the supermarket and eat whatever she likes.