Lazy Games releases public early access demo for “Overdosed: A trip to Hell,” A panicked battle for your sanity coming to PC in 2015

Watch the trailer here:

When you’re surrounded on all sides by nightmarish giant spiders, killer sentient furniture, and other terrifying entities hell-bent on ripping you apart, you don’t have much time to think But while you’re unloading hundreds of Uzi rounds, shotgun shells and flame-thrower bursts into the hopelessly large swarm of oncoming monsters, you might find yourself with enough time for the occasional stray thought. Thoughts like, “Would now be a good time to use my last mine?” or “I hope I remembered to turn the stove off…” or perhaps even, “I wonder if taking that entire bag of experimental LSD has anything to do with this terrible headache.”

Overdosed: A Trip to Hell, is an arcade style top-down twin stick shooter where you’re desperately trying to beat back a tide of nightmarish hallucinations with a full arsenal of weapons. Our aim is to recapture the essence of old school arcade gameplay, not by trying to force nostalgia by mimicking the pixel graphics of the time, but by focusing on what truly made those games fun while adding a few modern touches. Like any retro arcade game worth it’s salt, Overdosed is quick and easy to get started with, challenging to beat and most of the focus is on building up player skill rather than grinding out character stats.

You can get your hands on a public playable alpha demo from our thread on the Unreal Forum

Or our IndieDB page:

The demo contains one stage of the game’s survival arena mode, one playable character, a few enemy types to fight and a wide variety of available weapons. The upcoming version will have a “rougelike” style mode in addition to the arena mode, where you have to explore unknown areas while struggling to survive. There will be more level themes with their own enemy variety, including a haunted mansion, as well as customizable characters. You can find out more about Overdosed: A Trip to Hell, and check out development updates on Lazy Games’s website here: , As well as our indie DB page:

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