Exciting Mobile Game Plus360 Launched Offering Fun and Addictive Puzzle Solving That Rewards Fast Reflexes

Shooting things and racing in cars are certainly popular mobile game concepts, but there comes a time for most people when they want to play something new and fun that breaks the mold. Enter Plus360, a mind bending puzzle game that demands players use a combination of smart decisions and fast reflexes to solve. Wildly addictive, Plus360 is off to a very fast start.

“This is a game we feel very passionate about,” commented Kevin, the developer of Plus360. “It’s something different, but has everything in place to be a favorite for a long time to come. For people who like puzzles and who appreciate games that demand quick reaction times and reflexes, Plus360 is hard to put down.”

According to the developer, Plus360’s game play is very simple. Players stop spinning objects at the right moment to form perfect circles. The interior of the circle needs to be aligned perfectly for the best results, making it a true challenge. After just a few plays, a huge number of players describe Plus360 as being addictive. With Plus360 featuring dozens of levels it certainly has massive replay value. Each level is progressively harder, giving players a chance to build their skills and reflexes bit by bit until they are mastering the very difficult challenge towards the end. Restarting a level and playing it again can be done an unlimited number of times, making even the hardest levels a hurdle that can be overcome with practice.

Jason C., from New York, recently said, “I only had a few minutes to spend with your game, but if you manage to find the right audience for this game, I think you could have a potential hit on your hands. Charles was right to say that the game falls in line with the Ketchapp look and feel (and I mean that as a compliment) – it’s a great ‘subway game’ that you can pick up and play in short bursts, with addictive potential. And the music fits the game perfectly. I played it on a Nexus 7 and it ran great.”

For more information be sure to visit : www.seaburngames.com/plus360

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