Puzzle Tale – New iOS Game Launched by Renatus on the App Store

Puzzle Tale, an extraordinary game mix originally launched on Facebook, continues to spread worldwide as mobile application for iPhone and iPad. Renatus that has published both versions now encourages Apple device holders to download this simulation+match 3 game for free on the App Store.

To create Puzzle Tale, two genres were put together in one bowl: Simulation and Match 3. The publisher decided to test its effect on Facebook users, for a start; the second step was making the game available for mobile audience.

Just like Facebook, the iOS app is set in a beautiful forest still carrying the former kingdom’s ruins. Player enters this adventure as a ruler who should rebuild the kingdom. There are 3 game locations within the player’s reach – Forest, Field and Mine – that serve to collect all kinds of supplies, from food to wood.

No pains, no gains – that’s what Puzzle Tale is about. Lazybones that got used to reaping supplies by clicking on objects will have to forget it. To collect any useful thing, a player should be matching elements as a madman; to collect many things – as a strategy man. The game’s ‘trace a line’ mechanics is a bit different from the classical matching: here a player must swipe to connect elements in a single line, as long and curvy as possible.

Some would advise to imagine that match 3 field is a maze one must escape from. So, think many elements ahead – start building a line only after deciding where it would end.

Remember: an element matched is an element picked up. The catch to it is that there is always a limited number of moves or time. No need to worry – Puzzle Tale sustains its players with a long list of boosters to power up matching. Talking about long lists. This app probably has the longest list of facilities to build and badges to earn. Quest by quest, building by building, the kingdom will be brought back to life to thrive again.

Puzzle Tale is a captivating long-run free-to-play adventure to start on iOS.
All you need to know about it in brief:
– true-life economy: plant, mine, harvest, build, trade, buy, exchange to maintain a kingdom
– three match 3 playgrounds with own monsters & boosters
– mentors of Forest, Field and Mine – guides to better scores and UX
– multiple types of energy (Essence, the main one, and full scope of supplies)
– rich range of boosters and buffs

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