Ingenious Multiplayer Puzzle Game ‘Word Forward’ Now Available on the App Store

AppyNation today announced the launch of their latest game for iPhone and iPad gamers: Word Forward. Available for free, Word Forward is an original puzzle game in which players eliminate letters on a 5×5 grid by using them to spell out valid dictionary words. Each letter has a point value – the ultimate goal being to eliminate every letter to get to zero.

You can manipulate the board with special items that allow you to replace, swap, randomise and remove letters. And remember – It’s just as important to think of the letters you leave behind as the ones you clear – after all you wouldn’t want to paint yourself into a corner!

Word Forward includes an easy to use multiplayer mode where you can challenge a friend to compete against you on the same game board: a completely new puzzle to solve every time. Challenge your Game Center friends to beat your word wrangling skills. After each round you’ll be shown not only who won, but also the best word each player played.

“It’s such fun to outwit your friends in Word Forward!” exclaimed the game’s designer, Shane McCafferty. “We believe that we’ve made a really unique word game and we’re hoping that iPhone and iPad gamers will be entertained for a long time.”

Word Forward is ready to challenge even the most voluminous vocabularies, with 125 levels spread across 5 levels of difficulty, and there are many different ways to clear each of them. Players can also use modifiers to improve their best scores and achieve the gold standard on every single one!

•SWAP any two letters on the grid by using a SWAP TOKEN, earned during gameplay.

•REPLACE a letter on the grid with a SPARE from your inventory to make longer words.

•JUMBLE the tiles on the grid to replace all the letters with new ones when all else fails.

•CHANGE the letter on a tile to any other letter you choose using the SWAP MODIFIER.

•ELIMINATE stubborn tiles with BOMBS when you can’t make any more words and need to nudge your score over the line.

Word Forward – Beautifully simple. Endlessly challenging.

Watch the trailer online:

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