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Juicyblast , a picturesque puzzle game

100500games releases Juicyblast , a picturesque puzzle game for Android that is as fun as challenging. The game is a creative hybrid of a match-3 genre and a sliding puzzle with multiple of levels to solve. The game has already received a critical acclaim by gaming bloggers and independent reviewers such as AndroidTapp.com .

While old-school puzzles like Tetris or Match-3 managed to hold players entertained for weeks, modern puzzles seem to not hold the candle to classics neither in challenge, nor in replayability. However, a new puzzle released for Android has a chance to overthrow kings of the puzzle genre from their thrones.

Juicyblast is a puzzle strategy game engulfing the best of two all-time hits: a match-3 and a sliding puzzle. In Juicyblast, the player´s aim is to clear the field from colorful fruitties by arranging like colored characters in a line. Swiping in one of four directions, the player makes the given fruit slide unless it hits a border or another fruit. If the fruit completes a full line, the line disappears. The rules are as trivial as that but simplicity of Juicyblast is illusory. The number of moves is limited, so it´s more of a game of thought, where an obvious solution isn´t necessarily the shortest path to win.

The game is coupled with artistic animations and vivid backgrounds. Fruity characters are charming and sweet, and special effects accompanying player´s actions are non-abusive yet add much to overall fun of the game.

Juicyblast is a must have for all puzzle admirers. It successfully balances between tough challenge and rewarding gaming experience gradually confronting the player with more complex puzzles, more game elements, various bonuses and different level designs. The game has already received a positive review on AndroidTapp.com and was critically acclaimed by blogger community. Now it is available on Google Play.

Pricing and availability

Juicyblast is free to play and offers in-app purchases. The game supports Android version 2.3 or higher. The iOS version of the game is in development.

Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuPbDiYlGzc

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