Killer Mobile’s bartending simulator, BARSIM — launching on iOS (Video)

Pour, shake and stir more than 100 popular cocktail recipes in Killer Mobile’s bartending simulator, BARSIM — launching on iOS next Wednesday, August 17th.

Already available on Google Play, BarSim teaches actual drink recipes via real-life bartending techniques. With innovative true-to-life motion gestures that mimic real bartending moves, you’ll be mixing like a pro in no time. You can also follow step-by-step instructions and even create customized drinks with a handy Add & Edit feature!

Can you work your way up from a lowly busser in a dive bar to bartender guru in BarSim’s career mode? Put in the hours to purchase/upgrade your tools, and eventually master the art of mixology.

Once your cocktail-making skills become second nature, it’s time to take what you’ve learned online to claim a spot on the BarSim’s Top Bartender Leaderboards — where only the best have a prayer of reaching (and staying) at the top of the heap.

* Practice making 100+ popular drink recipes.
* Mimic actual bartending with gameplay that features true-to-life motion gestures.
* Compete head-to-head with other players in multiplayer mode.
* Learn from animated drink recipe tutorials that teach you step-by-step how to prepare drinks.
* Work your way up the ladder, purchase and upgrade your tools, and master the art of mixology in Career mode.
* Experience fun yet educational gameplay and become a master bartender.
* Customize your speed rack to improve efficiency.
* Choose English or Spanish and ounces or milliliters.
* Add and edit recipes with the Recipe Editor.

BarSim is available for free on Android and includes in-app purchases. The game is releasing on iOS August 17, 2016 and will retain the same business model.

Recipe Editor Unlock – $1.49
Tools Unlock, $.99
Remove Ads $.99
Tool Upgrades .99 each
Deluxe Pack (includes everything) $4.99