Kittypocalypse is out (Video)

For the busy
·         Strategy game in the form of tower defense
·         Select, upgrade, strategize and enjoy the slaying of aliens disguised as adorable kittens
·         NOT from mobile – but from virtual reality
·         Price: $14.99 or your regional equivalent (Launch discount price $9.99 first week)
·         Wacky theme – commenting on our internet kitten-meme culture
·         Over 50 weapons upgrades
·         Multiple win states for each level
·         15 colorful floating island levels to defend
·         Sold? No? Really. Even after that podcast episode, but… Well what´re you going to do

For the intrigued
Ever had the feeling of complete and utter despair of the sheer insurmountable number of cat videos on the internet? How about a deep and glittering sense of pure joy of the sheer number of cat videos on the internet?

One of you is going to be very angry and report us to PETA and it´s not necessarily you…

Let’s set you up, ready? Okay.
Aliens has studied us – our behavior. They are not pleased. Saw our complete and utter fascinations with internet videos of kittens doing random stuff. Clouding our minds from important topics such as climate change, refugee crisis, Trump vs. Hillary and so on. But let us be frank – we are not political, soo… The aliens deceptively disguised themselves as kittens, infiltrated our world and successfully took over our planet. Your job? Well stopping them of course!