Shooting Stars! Available Now!

The rogue like shoot’em up that pits you against aliens disguised as celebrities is invading your iPhone today! Chalked full of internet culture, memes, celebrities, lazer cats and more, Noodlecake and Bloodirony have combined powers to bring you a game unlike anything you have seen before.


Shooting Stars! is a touch based shoot’em up that has a variety of rogue like elements across two game modes. In each mode players are tasked with taking out waves of enemies, ranging from drones to lazer blasting fan girls all capped off by a boss alien disguised as a celebrity. After defeating 5 bosses you are tasked with taking down the biggest baddest alien of them all. I don’t want to spoil who that is, but lets just say he might be the greatest internet badass of all time.

To help you in your quest, you will collect Super Fruits and ultimate weapons. Super Fruits give you passive abilities such as increased rates of fire, bonus missiles, increased heart containers and more. The Ultimate Weapons are your real key to success as unleashing the fury of one of these bad boys can make short work of your enemies.

There are 2 game modes, Card Hunt and Daily Challenge. Card Hunt is a randomly generated adventure where you are tasked with collecting cards for some of the sweetest things available in the game. The cards are dropped randomly from bosses as you battle through the stages. Each play through is different with random bosses, weapons and super fruit drops.
The Daily Challenge is the best way to show off your lazer cat skills to your friends. Every day a randomly generated seed is created for everyone in the world to play together. This means the same weapon drops, bosses and fruits will appear for everyone. Once you demolish the your friends high scores, share it via Twitter or Facebook and let the world know that you stand supreme. Burrito supreme.

Shooting Stars! is a premium game for $2.99 available for iOS (universal) and Android in a few weeks.

Title: Shooting Stars!
Developer: Bloodirony
Publisher: Noodlecake Studios, Inc.
Release Date: July 9th on iOS
Price: $2.99

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