How to outrun zombies and keep shooting – CORRIDOR Z

Mass Creation, indie creators of Draw Slasher and Run Like Hell! for PSVITA, among others, are pleased to announce their latest game – Corridor Z – is to hit iOS devices on Q1 2015.

“Some say the high school is hell…” – in this case take these words literally. In a small town almost everyone was turned into a bloodthirsty and incredibly fast zombies. Three survivors locked in the ‘zombie campus’ will need to outrun the walking… running dead to escape. Can they make it?

Corridor Z is a truly unique approach to the runner genre. This time obstacles are not the enemy – it is the actual pursuit. Prevent zombies from reaching you, throw them the obstacles and aim for the head before they take the first bite.
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More details about Corridor Z is to be released soon. Check out the game’s official page:

Title: Corridor Z
Developer: Mass Creation
Publisher: Mass Creation
Platform: iOS@AppStore
Release Date: Q1 2015 (TBA)

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