Kung-Fu For Kinect – Out Now (Video)

Geek Mode PR, the Finnish developers Virtual Air Guitar Company and the ancient gods of kung-fu are proud to announce that the highly acclaimed Kung-Fu for Kinect is now available for the Xbox One priced at just $19.99 / £14.99

Kung-Fu For Kinect is suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes and may result in getting you seriously fit. Following on from Kung-Fu High Impact on Xbox 360, Kung-Fu for Kinect makes full use of the improved Kinect for Xbox One in the form of more accurate punches, faster motion response and smaller space requirements. So that priceless Ming vase of yours is safe. Well, relatively speaking.

The amazing press response has been incredibly positive labelling Kung-Fu For Kinect as “The best Xbox One Kinect title to date”, and “The reason the Kinect was made”.

•”Kung-Fu for Kinect is the most complete and well rounded Kinect game of all time, and truly is a fun game to play. I suggest picking it up as soon as you get the chance.”
– Mike Boccher, 1080Players
•”This is most certainly a game that gives you one hell of a workout.”
– Neil Watton, The Xbox Hub
•”Everyone with a Kinect device should at least try out this fighting game!”
– Dae Jim, Life Is Xbox
•”Kung-Fu for Kinect is simply the best Xbox One Kinect title to date.”
– GamingDadUK, Xbox Sector
•”This was definitely the reason the Kinect was made for as it’s just a ton of fun and it’s crazy to see yourself in the title fighting people.” 9.5/10
– Jason Stettner, GamerHeadquarters
•”Kung Fu for Kinect is quite simply the best game ever developed for the Xbox One and the Kinect 2.0″ 10/10
-Steve, XboxFitness

“We’ve been blown away by the fantastic early response and are delighted to find that Kinect fans are still alive and kicking,” says Aki Kanerva, Founder and Lead Designer at Virtual Air Guitar Company

About Kung-Fu For Kinect :
Punching air has never felt this good! Kung-Fu for Kinect takes the player’s own video image and puts it inside a 2D fighting adventure. The player fights comic-book villains with real kicks and punches. During cutscenes, Kinect takes snapshots of the player’s poses, giving the player the lead role in their own animated comic book. As with the company’s previous games, Kung-Fu has been designed with daily physical activity in mind. Exercise is one of the big reasons why we make motion games. We want to provide both kids and adults with games that are enjoyable on their own, but also keeps them up and active.