LA Skater – Roller Rivals out now for iOS and Android

Strap on your roller skates and get the thrill of a lifetime

Lunagames is pleased to announce that LA Skater – Roller Rivals is available on Android and iOS devices from today. LA Skater – Roller Rivals is an addictive free to play endless arcade racer which is set in sunny Los Angeles.

About LA Skater – Roller Rivals:
In this addictive arcade racer, players roller skate around the sunny beaches of Los Angeles while grabbing coins and avoiding obstacles. Players swipe sideways to change lanes or upwards to jump and perform exhilarating tricks. Grind over railings and summersault over obstacles to find rewarding shortcuts.

There are six playable roller skaters in the game. Cosmo and Sarah are already unlocked and the other four characters (Uma, Pro Joe, Foxy, and Grizz) can be unlocked with in-game currency.

Special icons can be picked up during play which will increase the player’s ability to gather coins. Remote controlled planes fly across alternative routes to pick up coins that cannot be reached by the skater and magnets act like a temporarily whirlpool. Occasionally players are able to enter a special rainbow stage where gold really starts to add up.

The goal in LA Skater – Roller Rivals is to get as far as possible and to achieve this players have several power-ups at their disposal. Unlike most free to play games these power-ups are unlocked for good and can be levelled after being bought in the store. Increased bonus level stats allow for more coin collecting time in the Rainbow stage, while better energy levels will make your skater more robust against obstacles. There are two consumable items as well that will help players. Glowing Shoes can be bought for some extra milage and Diamonds will add an extra live.

Timing and skills will make you the ultimate roller skating rival!

Key Features:
•Unique endless roller skating experience
•6 playable characters
•Permanent level unlocks
•Cool upgrades and power-ups
•Sunny LA setting
•Challenging achievements
•Built with the tested powers of Unity 3D

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