Legend of Miro is a very in depth storytelling RPG (Video)

Legend of Miro is a very in depth storytelling RPG with turn-based and survival elements and mechanics. The immersive story will make you view life in a completely different perspective. Drop into a whole new world as James Sullivan, a programmer at Red Zone 44 Security Inc. James is fascinated by numerology and has developed an obsession for various numbers and their meanings. However, one day on the job someone changes his life forever by forcing him to reconsider his priorities and the important things in his life. Play as James as you try to survive and return to your normal life as a changed person. But what if you can’t? Is everything you accomplished gone forever? You must learn how to adapt and survive in the wild, while trying to get back to your previous life.

•Each map and location has been manually created to ensure the best environment possible.
•The environment integrates lighting effects, environmental sound effects that create a proper ambiance for the story.

•The fighting system is different than the other titles in the storytelling RPG category, because of the fact it is a re-worked turn-based fighting system.
•The player can choose from various weapons and for each weapon he has the possibility of using 3 different types of attacks: fast, normal and heavy attacks.
•He can also use defensive and healing actions and skills.
•Each skill used will consume an amount of Stamina. Each fight is unique and enemies have the chance to inflict a critical damage, so you have to plan each move in advance to defeat them.

•In Legend of Miro, actions and tasks are completed through Mini-games. For example the Mining and Woodcutting are done by performing a combination of keys. Each correct key will earn you more ore or wood.
•There are over 10 mini-games that are randomly generated so that the player is not able to memorize a sequence or a solution.
•Besides the mini-games the game contains a large maze that requires a lot of patience and attention to escape from.

•Dialogues are unique and complex and can offer valuable information to the player. Although finding out more about the story through dialogues is not mandatory, but it is a way of finding out details about the story-line through the help of NPCs.
•Some of the quests related dialogues will require attention as the other characters will require information that is hidden inside the dialogues.

•The story of Legend of Miro is based on over 60 quests and tasks.
•Some of the details and information about the story-line are provided through meditation. While meditating the player remembers episodes prior to arriving to Miro Island.
•All of the cut-scenes are connected and will reveal details about what happened to James before arriving to Miro.

•Learn how to adapt and survive in the wild, while trying to get back to your previous life. Try to overcome hunger in order to stay alive.
•Hunger is just a component that will keep you focused on the survival aspect.