Lineas Frontiers, a new kind of puzzle-rpg, coming in 2015 on Android, iOS and Windows 8

Ingenious Bastards, an indie game development studio based in Paris, announced today the development of their major title for 2015, Lineas Frontiers. Lineas Frontiers is a unique kind of puzzle-rpg game that will be available on Android, iOS and Windows 8. The game is made with the GameMaker Studio Software, a tool used by indie developers to create their own games.

Across 8 chapters and more than 50 stages, you will live the journey of a young general leading his army to take back his hometown, the great city of Lineas. In Lineas Frontiers, the twist is based on a key element, the pieces of the puzzle. During the battles, the puzzle is composed of soldiers whom actively participate to the battle. Before every battle you’ll be able to choose the composition of your army among more than 20 classes of soldiers unlocked during the game and define your own strategy.

“One of the main reason we decided Lineas is heavily inspired by the Greek mythological universe is because I have always loved stories of the Iliad and Odyssey. The variety of monsters in the mythology is an incredible source of inspiration, and I hope that players will feel it when fighting against the different boss-characters at the end of each stage” said Xavier Heritier, Art director and co-founder of Ingenious Bastards.

Lineas Frontiers’ key features:
· Create the best formation of soldiers before going on the battlefield
· Follow a great story full of dramas
· Grow stronger each fight, discover new abilities, obtain experience and items
· Hire and master more than 20 new classes of soldiers, each with their own specificities
· 8 chapters of epic battles and gigantic boss-characters to defeat

Product Availability
Lineas Frontiers will be available on Google Play, the Windows Store and the Apple App Store.

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