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Livezen’s Astrowings2: Legend of Heroes is now live in Amazon App Store

Take flights into a mysterious land where no one has ever journeyed and fight your way through horde of mythical creatures that block your path! LIVEZEN, the creators behind the hit bullet hell AstroWings series, today released their most successful title Astrowings2: Legend of Heroes to Amazon App Store. Since its launch in 2014, Astrowings2: Legend of Heroes has made a significant advance in both iOS and Android markets, featured for its superb game quality and content updates. It is fully integrated with Facebook functions and features customizable aircrafts rendered in full 3D graphics.

Astrowings2: Legend of Heroes is a part of the K!games community and gaming group.

Six Unique Pilots – Six unique pilots each with a rightful reason to fly await to accompany you into battles. Maneuver their aircrafts and utilize their awesome skills to prevail your way past endless monsters!

Collect and Enhance Your Aircrafts – In your journey into the mysterious land, your aircraft is your best friend. And what better ways to equip yourself with an aircraft, than to customize different parts of the aircraft yourself? Keep playing to unlock hundreds of aircraft parts and build your ultimate machine!

Compete with Your Friends – This game is fully integrated with Facebook functions, meaning you can connect to see all your Facebook friends and their progress! Beat their scores and prove that you are #1!

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master – Playing the game is as easy as dragging your finger across the screen, destroying your enemies and dodging debris. Competing with your friends however, is a different matter. How far can you go, as endless waves of deadly monsters and bosses aim to stop you in your tracks?

Astrowings2: Legend of Heroes now available for free in Amazon App Store!

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