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Heroic Wings is reborn as AstroWings2: Legends of Heroes as Livezen Does Major Updates

One of the most exhilarating fly-&-shoot games in the market has just gotten more exciting! Livezen, the creator of popular AstroWings series, has added major updates to already celebrated Heroic Wings and rebranded the game as AstroWings 2: Legends of Heroes. Also, the game is finally available in App Store so iOS users can enjoy it as well! AstroWings 2: Legends of Heroes is fully integrated with Facebook functions and features customizable aircrafts rendered in full 3D graphics. AstroWings 2: Legends of Heroes is a part of the K!games community and gaming group.

Now Available in App Store – iOS users can finally enjoy this spectacular fly-&-shoot game as Livezen launches the iOS version. Come join thousands of other pilots and conquer into mysterious land full of mythical creatures and monsters!

(Update) Five New Stages – Five stages have been added to the pre-existing 16-stage main gameplay sequence. Players can now enjoy update stage 21 that features new enemy bogeys and terrifying bosses. Also, each stage now has new ‘Bullet Dungeon’ modes that are more difficult than normal modes.

(Update) New Sub-Wing & Option Parts – What good is an update without a fresh lineup of visually stunning and powerful weapons! A new lineup Sub-Wing and Option Parts were added to the Shop for players looking for more clever ways to defeat enemy monsters.

(Update) Enhanced Graphic Quality– Overall graphic quality has been vastly improved for each stage for more enjoyable flying and spectacular battles scenes. Boss graphics have been also refined to grant more spine-chilling boss battles.

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