The Long-Awaited Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel for iOS Devices Is Out

Renatus Media, LLC, recently presented the iOS version of its Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel. This thrilling free-to-play bubble shooter offers an unforgettable travel to the deepest past meant to bring bubble-popping fun to players and return an aged scientist to his grandkids.

Bubble shooters have always been the kind of games that the publishing brand Renatus has expertise in. Since 2012, this publishing company launched 7 totally unique titles on various platforms.

After debuting on Facebook last year, Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel deserved a place in three mobile application stores by now: Google Play, App Store and Amazon.

Although casual in its nature, this app offers a non-casual game experience in the best traditions of science fiction novels, only with bubbles. Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel sends players to the past to show them the chronicles of life on Earth. Bubble popping addicts who like the ‘Night in the Museum’ movie will definitely enjoy history coming alive on their Apple screens.

The game has over 7 ancient eras with match 3 quests to shoot bubbles in, from dinosaur’s period to the Vikings’ times. There’s an old scientist out there lost after a failed experiment, and player must join his grandchildren in a search mission.

Armed with a powerful gun, two helpers by his side and a range of boosters available for crystals, player must destroy bunches of multi-colored bubbles in Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel to get access to more captivating levels. When completed, rare collections allow one to get a key and skip some part of the way. This feature will be to the taste of highly impatient players that are dying of curiosity to sneak a look at the next (locked) era.

Amulet of Eternal Life, Tesla Amulet, Amulet Defrostio – those and other magical amulets are meant for making survival in levels, overcrowded with bubbles, easier. They give unique abilities that can save a life or a couple of crystals.

Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel iOS features include:

– different historical eras with good-looking graphics and soundtrack
– tricky and challenging match 3 levels
– involving story
– steampunk atmosphere
– collections of rare artifacts
– magical amulets and power-ups
– full sync across devices – Facebook, Android, iOS

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