Luna and the Moonling on Steam Early Access

Greyborn Studios, founded by industry veterans of award-winning games, such as “System Shock 2”, “Thief”, “Skylanders” and “Magic: The Gathering,” have  released their retro-inspired debut title, Luna and the Moonling, on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac!

Luna and the Moonling is a challenging all-ages puzzle game starring two determined and adorable characters who must work together to save their kingdom. Inspired by history’s greatest push-block puzzle gameplay and innovated with a fresh twist, the game has players switching between characters with unique abilities to solve the riddles of the Moon Isles.

“Our release to Early Access was always an important goal for us,” said Michael Ryan, CTO & Technical Director of Greyborn Studios. “The game is already quite polished and well on its way to completion, but we still wanted to make sure we could get it into players’ hands to have an opportunity to listen to our community and respond to feedback to make it the best it can be as we finish it up,” Ryan said.