M.A.V. – Rise of the Hexapods Update

M.A.V. an early access game that was Kickstarted in March, has just released a significant update.

Update Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwyFRGH9dKM

In this update:

+ New battle role – the Commander
+ New parts – Hexapods, Hovers, Hawk, Eagle, and Dragon Cockpits
+ New Level – Outpost Alpha v2
+ New Test Level – No Man’s Pass v2
+ New Long range weapon cross hairs
And many more new features [and bug fixes!]

Commander Role
The commander role can be filled by equipping a ComSys part on your M.A.V.. This will great you and your team the ability to create a Uplink Area on the map in Siege mode. Any M.A.V. inside your uplink area will be visible on the map. Additionally, scouts can equip uplink deployables to help increase your uplink area. The Uplink Area must be continuous for the reporting of M.A.V. positions. Advanced Crosshairs Some weapons [Howitzers and Rockets] now have advanced crosshairs. These provide additional data when the weapon is selected. Currently, they are equipped with firing range estimators, which will guide you in placing your long range indirect fire, more accurately.

New Parts
There are now 2 new mobility platforms – The Hexapod and the Hover. The hexapod chassis is a highly stable platform that can carry an immense load. It is very slow, and the legs are a large target, but it makes up for it with it’s incredible load limit and ability to climb nearly anything. These legs are very power hungry though, so make sure you have a great generator.
The hovers are a fast attack chassis, with incredible speeds, but little armor and almost zero stability. Designed to always be moving, it’s best to plan your path in advance, as stopping can be a death wish. They also have a unique ability to glide from higher surfaces, so you do not need to worry about fall damage.
The new cockpits cover a wide range of roles and also introduce the new Attacker type cockpit. This cockpit class is focused on providing a soldier with as many options as possible, while still maintaining a good armor rating.

Outpost Alpha v2
The remake of the original M.A.V. level, this bring higher quality graphics, a larger play area, and is properly setup for all game modes. Outpost alpha is a forest map, with destructible trees, rocky overhangs, and even a cave or two. This map was designed with the input of the ‘Create a Map’ Kickstarter backer.

No Man’s Pass v2
This level is still in progress [waiting on art assets], but is still fully playable in it’s beta form. No Man’s Pass was a typical Linea on Europa, or a crack in the ice along a fault line. However, when the comet hit [on the other side of Europa], the shock wave that traveled around the globe caused the two sides of the ice canyon to slide and smash into each other. They then recoiled back, but forever closer than they used to be. The crashing forced to the surface many valuable minerals, such as phosphorus, peroxide, and sulfur, but also left behind a landscape filled with icy daggers and unstable walls. Linea are also known for their hot water eruptions, making this a very dangerous place to be. Unfortunately, it is also one of the only ways left to traverse what remains of the icy plains, as the surface above the canyons is too cold and is exposed to significantly more radiation. Thus is born, No Man’s Pass.

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M.A.V. Steam page : http://store.steampowered.com/app/280440
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