Mad Bullets

BAM BAM BAM, RELOAD! Does this sound familiar to you? If You ever been to an arcade, then You probably met with lightgun games. We too loved playing them, but nowadays we miss these stuff. That’s why we decided to revitalize this genre, by utilizing the touch screen. Because lightgun games are so responsive and asking for concentration, our best choice was nothing else, but to reach the most immersive and easiest gameplay we could get. Mad Bullets is all about that: smart, fun to play, and by offering progression, it never gets boring. In fact, there is no annoying paywall in the game, so You can still have a lot of fun, even if You don’t pay for the required materials.

You can face the instantly accessible controlling from the moment You start the game. Just tap the screen to shoot the bad guys or the environment, and if You run out of bullets, then RELOAD! This makes it such an iOS shooter, where every (mad) bullet counts, but leaves the yet known controlling frustration from previous iOS shooting games. And that’s not everything: hit the barrel, shoot the panels of the house to get extra points, make headshots, SURVIVE the mini games, and most of all, face the heavier enemies, in the most various scenes. Get the feeling? It’s like making a flawless remix from a well known song hit! We wanted to make an appropriate lightgun game on one of the most popular platform, to familiarize the new generation gamers this exciting genre!


– Unsophisticated feeling of a classic lightgun game!

– Destructible environment, with many objects and enemies to destroy!

– Authentic western locations, with changing day/night cycles!

– A complete mission system offering neverending fun in an endless gameplay!

– Upgrade Your abilities: get a bigger cartridge, increase Your reload speed, get Yourself invulnerability, and much much more!

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