Mangatar releases the fourth edition of Dengen Chronicles on iOS, Windows Phone and Android

Dengen Chronicles 4.0 is already winning gamers over

Mangatar is proud to announce Dengen Chronicles 4.0 on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Dengen Chronicles stands out in the crowded card game market with its polished character
customization and its strategic elements. Gamers are free to challenge anyone, choosing an
ambush or a real-time tactical fight. The tournaments allow the most skillful gamers to collect extra prizes.

Gamers’ feedback and requests played a significant role in outlining the fourth edition of Dengen Chronicles. At the same time, the team did accurate studies on game mechanics in order to enhance the game.

Shortly after the release, Apple featured Dengen Chronicles in “Best New Game Updates” category, reaching 119 countries such as Canada, China, UK, France and Italy.

Raffaele Gaito, Biz Dev, states: “We are thrilled about our Dengen 4. We’ve just created a new dengen experience, capable of engaging both new and old gamers. We’re even more thrilled by the fact that Apple and Microsoft featured Dengen Chronicles on their stores. This is definitely a must-play game”

Andrea Postiglione, CEO, points out: “We truly focused on fun! We aimed at keeping the most loved features intact while adding a bit of magic and a new rhythm, in order to extend the dengen appeal to a wide range of gamers. You will love it!”

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