Marvel Heroes 2016 – Green Goblin And Beast Roar Into Advance Pack 3 (Video)

http://store.marvelheroes.comWith updates like playable Green Goblin, Beast joining the last days of the Advance Pack 3, an Archangel Team-Up and more, there’s a lot to look forward to in Marvel Heroes 2016…

You might be wondering why Gazillion selected Green Goblin – one of Marvel’s most notorious Super Villains – as the 56th playable character in a game called Marvel Heroes 2016. Longtime players know the story-based reason: During the events of AXIS, Captain America needed all the help he could get against the unyielding power of Red Onslaught, so he enlisted the aid of Green Goblin and the Thunderbolts – Super Villains forced against their wills to use their power for good. But we prefer the practical reason: HE’S SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY!!!

Norman Osborn swoops in on his Goblin Glider to terrorize enemies with Pumpkin Bombs, Razor Bats, and other iconic weaponry, all accompanied by a fiendishly maniacal vocal performance by Travis Willingham. He’ll be available in-game this Friday, March 4, and players can pre-order his Hero Pack for 10% off the regular price of $17.99 – including an alternate costume and other goodies – at

And there’s still one other way to pre-order him…

Beast Joins the Advance Pack 3, on Sale Until Friday, March 4

Since January, the Advance Pack 3 has offered players a huge discount on all seven character releases for the coming year: Green Goblin, Elektra, Angela, Nick Fury, Black Bolt, Ultron, and one to be named later. We’re happy to reveal, the final slot goes to the most intelligent and agile of the original X-Men – Beast! Now an invaluable member of the Uncanny Inhumans in the comics, our blue-furred, philosophically focused friend rounds out what may be the most diverse cast of Advance Pack playable characters ever assembled. You’ll have to act quickly, though – oh, my stars and garters, the Advance Pack 3 leaves the Store this Friday!