Master of Craft: Be the Master of Craft in Ideabox Games’s New SNRPG

Ideabox Games, the creators of hit mobile games ‘Rainy Day’ and ‘Plants War,’ today announced its brand new title Master of Craft on both iOS and Android devices. Master of Craft puts a new spin on the SNRPG genre with meticulously designed crafting and battle systems. Master of Craft is fully integrated with Facebook functions and features, and it is a part of the K!games community and gaming group.

Craft From Scratch – Build and craft up to 270 unique special gears, which will become the brave souls that march into battle for you! Hold on, it won’t be as easy as to simply put together a hilt and a blade. Craft your ultimate gear from scratch, whether it be refining metal ores or collecting wood branches!

Clean 3D Graphics – Enjoy beautiful, clean and 3D graphics that allows for a detailed look of the town, and allows you to observe the different visiting heroes walking about your town!

Unique System of Economy – With a live economy, prices change depending on other players’ supply and demand. So set your market prices to your liking! Sacrifice your prices to sell more frequently, or overprice your items to enjoy that slow but plentiful reward!

Play with Friends – Cooperate and trade with your Facebook friends to help each other craft and battle, and develop your town to be the ultimate trading hub! Don’t worry if you don’t have enough Facebook friends playing the game, as the game will automatically recommend friends for you to add!

Simple, Intuitive Controls – No need to worry about difficult controls. Simple and intuitive taps are all you need, whether it be leading your band of warriors through the thick of battle, or crafting the ultimate gear!

Start exploring and overcoming the various challenges to develop and manage a town of your own now! Master of Craft is available for free on both Android and for iOS!

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