I created Match Attack without the study of other traditional card matching games in mind. This is an original piece that I have put together and I hope you all will enjoy. I This Game is different because as you rush to flip the cards and find a match, you are distracted from up above by creatures which cause you to forget where you last seen your match. This game is very fun and heart pounding and if it does well will get a sequel! See if you can reach Dragor himself and battle with him till the end.

Doo-Bear is on a mission to save his friends and girlfriend who have been captured by the evil “Dragor”. You must find card matches fast enough to save the Abbit bears while being attacked at the same time. This game is very fun and very different than the typical match making games. This is match making with an attitude!

Created by: Emory Graham
of Eyedrinox Games 2015. Try this game, there is nothing like it…

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