‘MAYDAY! Gets sequel and unleashes Terror in the Sky

After allowing 15 million players around the world to achieve over 275 million landings, Reludo is ready for another take off. MayDay! has been a #1 landing game in 61 countries, it effectively created a brand new genre and sparked the release of tens of competitors around the world.

“It’s been a joyful ride and we’ve had so much success with the first edition of MayDay!, we thought it was time for a new stepping stone in this genre”, said Antonio Farina, Chairman and CEO of Reludo. “We’ve analyzed players behavior and wanted to give our fans a more in-depth experience, with more options and more challenges and that wasn’t possible within the first chapter. Hence the decision of releasing Terror in the Sky”.

In MayDay! 2 Terror in the Sky – Emergency Landing, players are confronted with new airports, new aircrafts and landing surfaces. There are unlimited free missions to play and more can be purchased with the game.
Three brand new in-game views have been created: cockpit, external view and free view, to add immersion and even more challenges to face.
The goal is always to make the aircrafts land safely throughout all kinds of weather conditions, mechanical failures and turbulences. It’s just taking landing games to a whole new level.

The game is available on the App Store for all iOS devices.

Here’s a list of the main features:

Handle your device like an aircraft yoke
Progress through increasing difficulty levels and upgrade your ranking to become a pro pilot.
Manage heartbreaking airplane failures.
Different types of surfaces: landing strip, motorway, rough ground, water, aircraft carrier…
Play free, unlimited missions.
Get one free airport (San Francisco).
Buy new airports (Hawaii, the Alps and Egypt)- with more airports available soon.
Unlock 5 different aircraft.
Face the most diverse weather conditions: heavy rain, fog, strong wind, turbulence, night landings, and the new thunderstorm scenario.
Relive your successes and learn from your mistakes through the replay mode.
Share your performances with the world.
Take control and choose your favorite view: cockpit, clear view, external view.

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