Meanders is available on Steam

Steam gamers can now enjoy MEANDERS, a crazy puzzle-platformer by team ATOMIC BREATH. Have fun!

About the game
Inspired by Refunct, MEANDERS is a sparkling adventure through a series of funny and relaxing challenges where to jump, bounce, slide and teleport. Cannons too are a totally safe mean of transportation, apparently!
The game is colorful and cheerful like a theme park on a sunny weekend, while the Original Soundtrack is both funky and soothing, ideal for some relaxed play or a speedrun.

Everything in MEANDERS is customizable, and the game progression is non-linear: players will have to choose between the hilarious “Bouncer Field” and “Canon Fodder” soon enough, with many paths and crossroads also later in the game.

The gameplay experience can also boast high replayability thanks to the new contents unlocked with each “new game plus” cycle and the great variety of game and visual modes available, taking inspiration – just to name a few – from Cyberpunk, No Man’s Sky and even Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.

  • 40 levels of instant play with no loading times: relax or speedrun to the exit!
  • Jump, bounce, slide, teleport!
  • Enjoy the company of an all-powerful AI god.
  • Original Soundtrack both funky and soothing.
  • Use the ATOMIC STUFF to activate insane game and visual modes!!
  • Unlock fun achievements.

MEANDERS on Steam (Windows PC)