Meet new “old-school” arcade game Dig Out (Video)

Banda Games, a XIMAD’s partner has recently released a new jointly developed title Dig Out, available on Google Play. It’s a great answer to old school Dig Dug game with unique features and design. Fans of the digging style games will be overjoyed to see it.

In the game you have to dig the mine as deep as possible and collect as many gems as you can. Beware of the horrific underground monsters and the falling boulders that can smash your pixel miner. Spiders, snakes, bats and other dangers await you at every turn. To eliminate them you should use your traps or weapon to get extra points. During the game you can improve your digger, making it stronger and sharper. It allows you to overcome obstacles faster and set new records in the game. To customize the game you’re always able to choose the very character you want and pick his best abilities to use his power to the max.

The deeper you go the more challenging obstacles and monsters you meet. At the same time the game develops strategic skills as every player develops his own tactics overcoming obstacles to effective scenario planning.

Socialization feature is a great solution for the games of such genre as it’s not just about collecting everything on the screen and destroying enemies. Competitive spirit of the game helps to overcome obstacles faster as players try to beat friend’s high score and become the best treasure hunter.