An addictive arcade game – Koala Ladder (Video)

– Brief Application Description: An arcade game for iOS and Android that takes you on an addictive climbing world with koalas.

– Brief History of Developer or Development Company:
Lidoukens is married couple indie game developers. We have been working since last year.
2015.03.27: Fleeing Kitten Released.
2016.02.03: KoalaLadder Released.

– The reason why your app is special and stands out from its competitors.:
This is a new story arcade game. You can collect cute koalas. In addition, each character has their own story. These stories can be unlocked by getting high score to play with each character. Enjoy play the game and watching the story.

– Any update information, or any future plans as for the continued development of the app.: It will continue to update koala characters.