METAL HAMMER: ROADKILL gets a major hellish update (Video)

TeamRock launched at the Game Developer’s Conference 2016 (GDC), a major update to Metal Hammer: Roadkill that aims to send metalheads from around the world into the fiery depths of mobile gaming hell.

· Kill to the beat of 11 bands, courtesy of the iconic heavy metal label Nuclear Blast.
· Smash your way through four worlds, with two modes of play.
· Available to download NOW for FREE on iOS and Android.

Metal Hammer: Roadkill is a rhythm-action game where the heaviest music on mobile spawns hundreds of demons and devils. Your job is to battle your way through the hordes of hell with your giant hammer, thereby saving the planet, fighting the darkness, and generally acting like a mighty Metal Hammer hero!

The music comes courtesy of the iconic heavy metal label Nuclear Blast. Metal Hammer: Roadkill will challenge even the heaviest of metalheads to crush, smash and destroy their way through an army of creeps, fiends and freaks who spawn to the rhythm of bands including Cradle of Filth, Suicide Silence, Devil You Know, Epica, Sabaton, Hammerfall, Accept, Immortal, Devilment, Vader, Exodus and Threshold – with even more bands to be announced soon!

With Single and Campaign modes offering you a choice of six FREE tracks across three worlds – Hellywood, Riot de Janeiro, and Westmonster, and with six new languages to play in, PLUS a rack of DLC tracks and the icy world Rockjavik, available to purchase from the METAL SHOP, Metal Hammer: RoadKill just went global.

The new update for GDC includes:
· Localisation for Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan and Thailand, so you can rock all over the world.
· Full list of 35 achievements, including the ‘Megadeath’ achievement for killing 25000 enemies… unless you suck!
· Major improvements and optimisation to make it faster and easier to play the music you love.
“We’re watching people thump their way through ‘Seven Years Alone’ by Devil You Know in Single track mode on hard setting at GDC, and it’s making grown-ups cry,” said Brian Baglow, Executive Producer at TeamRock Games. “It ROCKS!”

“We’re all gamers and it’s awesome to have our track in Metal Hammer’s Roadkill game to help us kill time on the road” commented the band Devil You Know. “It’s the best magazine in the world, and we can’t be more grateful to them for their continued support. See you all at Download, and the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards!”