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Metrocide: The streets of Metro City will run red on 15th December

The cyberpunk arcade stealth-shooter Metrocide is nearing release, and review codes are available now.

You play as contract killer T.J .Trench, and must earn enough cash through a series of increasingly difficult kills to escape the city before it’s too late.
But there’s a catch! Every slip up – every dead body found, witness left alive or security camera to catch a glimpse of your face can increase the number of deadly cop drones flying above the skyline… permanently!

With one-hit kills and permadeath, Metrocide is a relentless and heart-pounding contract-killing shooter in which every citizen could spell your death and every mistake will cost you.

Metrocide has been available in Early Access since 16th October so that the developers could receive feedback on and tweak the (admittedly) rather punishing difficulty of the game. The final adjustable difficulty settings have since been implemented and the new review build contains bonus game modes ‘Score Attack’, ‘Blaster Only’ and ‘Dead Trench Walking’ (wherein an APB has been put out on our hero and you must try and complete contracts while the whole city, every single civilian, is armed and wants you dead).

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