Johnny Scraps: iTap & Slash is being released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone on the 5th of December.

Johnny Scraps: iTap & Slash is a skill based game in which you Smash and Cut enemies with the Power of Touch!

In this prequel, you will help Johnny defend his scrap yard from the droid invasion sent by the Mad Scientist!

iTap & Slash stands out by having a challenging gameplay with those simple controls you are already used to.

In this release, the game features an endless mode in which you have have to learn the attacks and vulnerabilities of each enemy in order to progress through out the missions.

Every time you play, you can do a small mission or focus on long term objectives, by completing missions you’ll unlock new powers and defenses so you can get to even harder content.

We hope you’ll get the same feeling as in Duck Hunt for the NES, with the simplistic arcade controls, but with the challenge of needing to learn and understanding your enemies, like in Dark Souls.

•Tap or Slash in fast swipes whenever is needed!
•Every enemy is different, different attacks and different vulnerabilities.
•Finish up dozens of missions to unlock new defenses and upgrades.
•Collect awesome power-ups and blow your way through.
Immersive Douro will be present at Comic Con Portugal and will release Johnny Scraps: iTap & Slash in all major mobile platforms – App Store, Play Store, Windows Phone Store on the 5th of December.

If you are going to the convention you’ll be able to play all the Johnny Scraps’ saga, meet the creators and sneak peak what’s coming next!

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