Mini Assassins Now Available

Haybyte Studios is proud to announce that Mini Assassins is now available on the App Store. Mini Assassins is an action-packed 8-bit arcade game that will test your reflexes and tactical skill as you fight against an army of zombie ninjas, knights and cursed samurais. Dodge incoming ninja stars and cut enemy arrows in midair. Tap to jump. Swipe to throw ninja stars. Use your special skills wisely by dragging and dropping them on the battlefield. Play as one of 3 heroes: Akio the Ninja, Nori the Samurai, or Buchuu the Vagabond. Level up your hero to unlock his or her skilltree and gain an advantage over your enemies. Unlock up to 9 pets that fight alongside your hero. Feed your pets and care for them, they will level up and gain new skills.

The game also features a local coop mode which lets 2 players play on a single device.

Mini Assassins will be available worldwide for iOS on Friday, August 7.

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