MobilityWare, Inc., a leading mobile games company, today announced that it has released Blackjack Free as a free download for Apple Watch. In Blackjack Free, players try to win as much money as they can in 10 hands and best of all, they can do so without having to risk any of their chips! With each win the dollar values go up and all winnings are then synced and collected on the iPhone version of the game. It’s a great way to build your bankroll whenever you have a free minute.

“Wearable platforms like Apple Watch present a tremendous opportunity to deliver fun games in an exciting new way, while augmenting the overall brand experience for our players,” said Jeff Erle, CEO of MobilityWare. “This version of Blackjack Free is great example of how we’re looking to expand the ecosystem of our franchises.”

Earlier this year, MobilityWare released its first Apple Watch game, Solitaire, and announced it also has several additional titles for the platform currently under development. One of the most dynamic mobile games studios today with nearly 300 million downloads across its mobile game portfolio, MobilityWare continues to fuel its rapid growth by expanding its support for new mobile game platforms; diversifying its product offerings, and increasing its internal head count.

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