Puzzle lovers and match game fans everywhere are in for a tasty treat with MobilityWare’s newest mobile game Match & Rescue.  Available now for free on the App Store, players join Tusky the Explorer on his quest to match fruits, solve enigmatic puzzles and free his beloved animal friends from captivity.  This delightful puzzle adventure never goes stale as players face a constantly shifting array of objectives, obstacles and game play modes!
“With Match & Rescue, we set out to bring a fresh approach and real innovation to the match 3 genre,” said Jeff Erle, CEO of MobilityWare. “Instead of static game mechanics with only small incremental increases in difficulty, players will experience a wide variety of puzzles, objectives and shifting game modes that tease the brain and add a great deal of challenge to the experience.”
To progress through levels in Match & Rescue, players must fulfill objectives and reach a minimum score within a limited number of moves or time. As they advance, players meet new creatures, from cute kangaroos to mythical dragons, and make their way through Jungle, Tropical and Desert-themed levels.
Match & Rescue’s Fruitabulous Features Include:
Three rotating game modes:
Swap: switch position of single tiles to create matches 
Trace: use your finger to trace matching combos of any size
Roll: Move entire rows vertically or horizontally to create cascading combos
Mega-link combos that earn delicious power-ups
6 or more earns a ‘Super Fruit’
9 or more earns a ‘Fruit Bomb’ & ‘Super Fruit’
13 or more creates the powerful ‘Rainbow Fruit’
Array of animal characters, such as Tigers, Kangaroos and Tasmanian Devils
Unique obstacles, such as frost, crates, stones and weeds
Free daily rewards and weekly reward-based challenges