Motorcycle Club Available Today!

A unique motorcycle racing game like no other…

Maximum Games, along with Kylotonn Games, has launched Motorcycle Club, available today on PS4 ™ and PS3 ™. The game rivals other racing titles with licensed bikes from Kawasaki, KTM, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha, including 9 superbikes, 10 roadsters, and 3 custom bikes that are interchangeable within each race.

This means that, unlike traditional racing games, tracks can by perfected down to each last twist and turn since you have the option to switch in and out of bikes depending on how you want to handle the terrain.

Possibly the most customizable racing game ever made, Motorcycle Club also features a club hangout where suits, logos, helmets, and members can be added and edited. When your dream club is created, try your skill against competitors in online multiplayer championships.

Motorcycle Club is available today.

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