Test out the Wild Antics of B27’s Motorcycle Junkie Hill Bill out Now on the Android – Along with “Vegas” Release

Balloon 27 (B27), innovative publisher of mobile video games, announces, after a highly successful launch on the iOS platform that their quirky and addictive motorcycle trick game Hill Bill is now available for Android users. Along with this new platform release, B27 will be dropping a new “Vegas” level pack with 10 free levels in the coming weeks. (Review codes available for both iOS and Android.)

“Hill Bill has proven to have true replay value and the feedback from iOS users has been overwhelmingly exciting-we hope it quickly becomes a fan favorite with Android users as well,” said Ajay Chadha, B27 Founder. “With the imminent release of the “Vegas” level pack, B27 further demonstrates that Hill Bill is not run by in-game monetization, but rather, gives users an experience they can enjoy for hours without limitations.”

Hill Bill users will enjoy their first 2 level packages, totaling 20 levels – free! There are a total of 6 level packs (60 levels) in-game currently, and more to come. The additional “Vegas” level package will be a free download for all users and feature 10 stunning courses including, flashy new costumes, desert riding and outrageous jumps across some of Vegas’ hottest hotels and unique backdrops. In this engaging and addictive motorcycle stunt game, players take on the role of Hill Bill as he becomes a bigger daredevil as players level-up, mastering crazier jumps and tricks every day.

With his trusty third-hand garage-sale bike in-hand, Bill starts by setting up his own ramps to practice his jumping technique before hitting the road to show off his skills, tackling bigger, more shocking, death-defying jumps. These shocking jumps occur everywhere from the down and dirty Bayou Swamps, Complex Race Tracks, the Circus and the big finale, that Evel Knievel himself never attempted – the Grand Canyon. As players move through each level, they unlock access to bigger and better bikes and even crazier tricks!

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