MOVIE CAT – the trivia game that gives you nine lives – is now available on the Samsung Apps marketplace.

Otherwise Games worked with 100% Indie to bring the addictive quiz game to the store, to target the potentially huge Samsung-using, film-loving worldwide fan base, with its text and visual puzzler.

The 100% Indie initiative is a collaboration between Samsung and Chillingo, which aims to help populate the Samsung Apps marketplace with high quality games while nurturing and supporting indie developers, by helping them through the testing process and giving them marketing support, as well as a market-leading revenue share.

As part of its commitment to helping game developers get their game to more people through the Samsung Apps marketplace, the 100% Indie team were only too happy to help test this particular game, leading to a healthy competition between the colleagues in the company.

Comments Brian Kirk: “We are excited about working with the 100% Indie Initiative. They were great to work with. It’s nice when you get involved in a partnership with people who clearly do enjoy your products, and 100% Indie has been very enthusiastic about MovieCat, so it’s been great fun. We’re looking forward to seeing sales soar even higher thanks to Samsung Android fans!”

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