Being surreal isn’t a simple task, especially when you still want to entertain the masses. But the team at Tough Guy Studios have played the Monty Python card beautifully in their hilarious and hallucinogenic arcade hit, TIME DUCKS.

Line-drawing gameplay is put to use in guiding a host of different pixel-art animals across a busy road, and is combined with time-altering rewind mechanics that take an already surreal game to new heights of intense and irresistible strangeness.
“We’re delighted to mess with the perceptions of a whole new audience through the Samsung Apps marketplace,” says Morten Sommer of Tough Guy Studios.

“We’re very proud of the profound entertainment value and psychological disturbance Time Ducks offers to Android gamers, and we worked with 100% Indie, who made the whole process very smooth. We’re looking forward to seeing sales soar even higher thanks to Samsung Android fans!”

The 100% Indie initiative is a collaboration between Samsung and Chillingo, which aims to help populate the Samsung Apps marketplace with high quality games while nurturing and supporting indie developers, by helping them through the testing process and giving them marketing support, as well as a market-leading revenue share.

As part of its commitment to helping game developers get their game to more people through the Samsung Apps marketplace, the 100% Indie team were only too happy to help test this peculiar game, despite the very real danger of sanity trauma and severe thumb ache.

Time Ducks, or “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Time Manipulation,” is out now on Samsung Apps from Tough Guy Studios.

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